About Us

Who are we? Where do we come from? What do we do for fun?


Our Approach
Every wedding photographer is a photojournalist by nature. But more importantly is knowing when to step in to help you look your best. No one wants to pose, but if we left it all up to chance, we would only be doing half our job. Many images on our site seem to be candid, but are really the result of us putting you into a position to create natural looking moments.

Our Story
Rob needed a second shooter last minute, and Lindsay, who was working for Vera Wang at the time, and an art school graduate, seemed to be a very logical first choice.  And having a women's touch, whether it be helping a bride get ready, or just knowing how to pose them more comfortably, was a huge help in making better photos. Since then, Rob and Lindsay have photographed over 60 wedding in multiple countries, and even more states. Lindsay's visual aesthetic serves as the perfect compliment to Rob's more technical approach to photography. We love working together, and think you'll have some fun with us too! 

I'm a born and raised New Yorker. I started my photography career shooting celebrity events, concerts, and portraiture for Getty Images. I have served as official photographer for New York Fashion Week, US Open (tennis), Lollapalooza, Sundance Film Festival, and TriBeca Film Festival. I am the touring photographer for Champions Series Tennis, featuring players like Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, and John McEnroe. I am also the touring photographer for the band, The Killers.

I recently wrapped filming on my first feature length documentary this past fall, and have been filming and shooting campaigns and commercials for brands like Avon, Tag Heuer, Garnier, Krups Coffee, and OpenTable.

I grew up in Southern California before moving to New York to study art and painting at Pratt Institute. Post grad, I worked for Vera Wang in NYC (Rob's note - Vera personally invited Lindsay to work for her after meeting at a restaurant!), and that experience has helped out a few brides on their wedding day. I eventually moved on to become the creative director at Uptempo Magazine, but soon found that my career was pulling me towards freelance work.

Today I work with several lifestyle brands in NYC and California, photographing and helping to build their social and brand identity. And get to call San Diego and New York City my home.