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Loren and Ryan - Millwick Los Angeles Wedding Photos

It is very rare when your personal and professional life are able to collide so serendipitously. Shooting weddings was an unforeseen benefit of working in photography, and starting a company at a young age, I don't think I ever anticipated the impact this industry would have on me both professionally and personally.

In the year before this wedding, I thought I could pass this test with flying colors. I have quite a few weddings under my belt (70+), and a general apathy to high stress situations. However, I was definitely not prepared for this wedding and what it would eventually mean to my family and me.

Let me begin by saying if you know us, you know we are close. Really close. I generally feel bad for people that come into our household and are overwhelmed by the intense energy we have when together. That being said, hosting parties and our holiday gatherings are all about our closest friends, family, and neighbors coming over to eat, drink, and celebrate (maybe a Wynn family band showing if we’ve had enough tequila).

But what did this mean, adding another person to the equation…Would things change? Am I going to be the permanent 5th wheel in my family? Would Ryan be around at the holidays when he starts his own family? Of course things would change, as all things must do for growth. The addition of Loren to our family in the last few years has only made us all, especially Ryan, better people. Someone who is warm and intelligent and can help us as a family muster strength in areas of general weakness. Her outside perspective and different life experiences help us fill the cracks as a family and make us all stronger, together. I feel thankful for her, because as far as sisters-in-law go I feel lucky that she chose Ryan and our family to make a new life with.

Anyways, back to the wedding portion of this personal rant. As weddings go, when you put together two architects who dedicate their lives work to design you can only expect something beautiful. And it was, simple, elegant, and understated with details where it counted. Despite my obvious affiliation with the wedding industry I always stress to brides to keep it simple and stay true to who they are. The wedding industry is a big commercial world and it is easy to get caught up in planning what seems to be the biggest event of your life thus far. Don’t get me wrong, it probably is. However, at the end of the day, you will still be there, with your partner on your wedding day, even if you didn’t splurge on the 10 tier cake covered in gold leaf.

I played the role of bridesmaid for the first time, and a whole new insight was bestowed upon me on the inner workings and stresses of the lovely ladies who support their brides to be before heading to the alter. I vowed to try and be supportive in all the ways I could and hopefully did alright.. With most bases covered, I really only needed to take care of the photography portion, a.k.a., Rob Loud. HUGE THANK YOU to my business partner bestie for dealing with me actually losing my shit on the wedding day trying to make sure everything was handled. He obviously did an amazing job, as did our friend  David Kepner of Denim and Boots.

I didn’t realize that the culmination of this working/wedding/family affair would make me realize how grateful I am for the people in my life and the jobs that connect me to different people for various reasons. Photography is a funny mix of delivering a product and evoking emotion. Sometimes it is meaningful like a wedding, or a portrait. Sometimes it is not, like the jobs you take to pay the bills. Regardless, you do it, and learn what you can from these jobs and the people you are working with. Thank you to the friends, family, vendors and all the people in between who facilitated these events and support our business. This wedding was extra special to me and I am grateful for all of you.

The End.

P.S. For Ryan - Wow, you’re married. Congratulations, I love you more than I could possibly express in words. I feel lucky and inspired to have you as a brother and thankful for how our relationship has grown in the past 10 years. After spending much of our adolescence fighting, connecting and learning from you in my 20’s has been something I am shy to admit, but has been more meaningful then I may have shown.

I am so proud of you and your hard work. Seeing your accomplishments professionally and the compassion you possess in your personal life is amazing. It perfectly sums up the gifts Mom and Dad have given you. I wish you all the luck in your first year of marriage and can’t wait to be together as one big happy family. Congratulations again, Loren is lucky to have you.