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Rita and Craig - Tom Ham's Lighthouse Wedding Photos


When I heard Craig got engaged, I basically told him we'd be photographing the wedding, and he didn't have a choice. I've known Craig for over 25 years, so there was no way we'd let anyone else take on the role. Especially after he used me as his decoy when he proposed to Rita. They were going to "meet me for drinks" while I was in town. I was in town, but those drinks never happened.

I'd met Rita a few times, and knew she was a perfect match for Craig. They are both from the Northeast but live in San Diego full time, so I don't get to see them that often. But I'm so happy they took us up on our offer, because not only did we get to document this amazing day, we got to hang with some of my oldest friends and their families. It was so good getting to know Rita better throughout this process, and Craig, don't forget, "if you touch it, you catch it."