You have questions, we have answers.

What is your style?
It's pretty simple. We stand back to capture the candid moments. But we also know when to step in for a little coaching. "What do I do with my hands?" you may ask. We got you. No one wants to pose, but if we left it all up to chance, we would only be doing half our job. 

Do you both shoot?
Often at the same time. We both start with the girls getting ready, and eventually Rob will join the guys. Once the couple meet, we use different angles (and lenses) to create very different looking photos from the same moment. It keeps the flow moving, and gives you more time to party. 

Are engagement photos included?
Yes they are. But we’re not going to twist your arm if you're not into it. We do think they are important to get to know each other a little better, so your call.

How many photos do you deliver?
We shoot way too many photos. We typically deliver about 800-1,000. 

Do you travel?
Of course! We split our time between Southern California and New York City, so we consider both places our home turf. We spend about half our time on the road as well, and can create a custom package that covers our fees and expenses.

How do we receive our photos?
We post the final photos to a website where you can order prints and download them all with just one click. We also make it real easy to create a favorites gallery, which comes in handy when creating albums or sending selects to friends and family. 

Do you offer photo albums?
We do. Click here for a little more on that...

Do you offer a photo booth?
Yup. Click here for a little more on this...

What are you fees?
We don't necessarily have set prices, but they all typically include Rob and Lindsay, engagement photos, and all of your edited, non-watermarked images. Depending on hours and locations, that will run around $5000-$6000. 

More questions? Send us an email here and we will get right back to you!